Writing from the Abyss

You’ve been there.

Your mind is so full.

So you decide to write.

Staring at that blank page, an email, a text message, an open notebook, a computer screen…
You know you have something to say but beginning is the hardest part.
Where do you even begin?
In the abyss.

Yes, in the abyss.
When we are lost, broken, fall down, depressed, find ourselves looking for that inspiration, that love, those inspiring words to help us get to the next place…
Breathe and Write.
Use the abyss.
Get it out of your head.  Your message. Those nagging thoughts that keep whispering in your ear.  The feelings that bring you to tears of joy and of pain. Write your goals and your expectations.  All of it.
Write about the things you wrestle with that repeatedly pull at you.  The bad AND the good.
Write what you are feeling in that moment.
Just write.
If you are a writer you have a story, write it.
I write when I’m in the abyss, drunk in the moment, full of feelings yet numb.
I write until my body goes numb as I get the words out.
The tingling feeling that rushes over me is intense.
I don’t always know why or what I’m writing or where I’m going with my words…
but I write until that moment passes.

I can “black out” while writing… as if I were drunk.

When I read those words back I don’t remember writing them.
That’s when I hit gold.
Writing saves me from the abyss.
“Write Drunk.  Edit Sober”
(A quote credited to Ernest Hemingway, however it’s origin is greatly disputed when researched.)
Writing Drunk – that’s the abyss.
When you’re in the zone, the feels, the pains, the joy, excited or numb.
Writing clears my head.
I can pause, take a deep breath, read it back, gather my thoughts, edit a little,
then decide: stop or keep going.
My head feels clearer. My body feels lighter.
When those words are on that intimidating blank screen and out of your head, they’re no longer daunting you, no longer conjuring up more emotions, no longer plaguing you.
You are freer.  You can sober up now.  Go back to living life.  Go about your day.
Now you can Edit Sober.
Because life goes on.
Sober up and keep moving forward until you need to write again.
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