My Mission:

To inspire and coach everyday busy people like you and me, to continue to live an ongoing healthy lifestyle so we FEEL GOOD!

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Sounds easy right?

Being healthy isn’t as easy as it seems now a days so I became a health coach to help others like me who wanted to know all the shortcuts.

I’ve been a health coach for five years now this January and have been living this healthy lifestyle since 2010.

Growing up I was never overweight, in fact I was always really skinny.  I was always happy and smiling. I didn’t realize until I turned 30 that I wasn’t as healthy as I thought. My final decision to learn more was made watching my daughter combat a medley of issues at a young age, issues I didn’t deal with when I was a kid nor was I aware of as an adult.

A healthy lifestyle practice is:

  • being educated on basic principles.
  • being aware of your habits.
  • making small daily healthy choices.

IT IS NOT: a life sentence to take the fun out your life!

I promise.

What I realized and coach others on is that living your healthiest lifestyle is about what you do most of the time.

If you eat real food & live a happy life, most of the time, you’re going to reap those good results.

Am I over simplifying it?

Let’s find out.

We know what we should do.


Eat right.  Exercise.  Reduce Stress.  Sleep Well.  etc.. etc..

Then why aren’t we doing it?

Maybe it’s because we aren’t sure what EATING RIGHT looks like…

Maybe it’s because life takes over and we get busy, so busy we drop the ball on the little details…

Maybe it’s because we are afraid to ask for help or think we are just stuck feeling like this…

Maybe it’s because we don’t have someone to keep us on track…

Any of this sound familiar?

These were ALL my excuses too.

I want to help you – BUT I NEED YOUR HELP!

I started a coaching program called, MyCoach. It is in its early stages and just got started.

I’ll be testing a theory in this program that all we need is a little guidance on the basics, and maybe an accountability buddy, to get healthy.

MyCoach is a collaborative program assembled by my friend’s and family’s input.

It’s brand new and to be honest, it’s not totally built because I don’t have all the answers inside it, yet…

Because, we are all different.

However, most of us struggle with the same basic questions.

Help me answer those questions.

Let’s help others together.

If you’re interested in being a part of my mission & my new program to inspire and coach more people to live their healthiest lifestyle inside of MyCoach

Sign up here.

With a warm and hopeful heart,


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